frequently asked questions

I am selling my property and cannot attend settlement. Is that a problem?

No.  There are several options available to you.  First, you can schedule a time to come in to our office before the settlement date to sign your papers.  Second, if you are out of state, we can send a notary to you.  You will sign your documents before the notary and the executed documents will be returned to our office.  Third, if you are out of the country, we can send you your documents in advance and you can sign them at an American embassy or consulate, and then return them to us.  If you know you cannot attend settlement, please contact us in advance and we will make the appropriate arrangements for you.  You can also execute a specific power of attorney and have someone sign your closing documents for you.

I am a buyer of property and cannot attend settlement, what are my options?

If you are taking out a mortgage to purchase your property, you MUST discuss this with your lender beforehand.  Some lenders do not allow the use of a power of attorney or allow borrowers to sign documents out of state, so it is imperative that you get the lender’s approval to use a power of attorney or to sign out of state.  If approved by the lender, you can use a power of attorney and have someone sign your closing documents for you or we can send a notary to you (if you are in the United States).  Note that no lender will allow you to sign your loan documents before the closing date.

I have a power of attorney. Will there be any issues in using this document?

There may be.  Powers of Attorney must be specific to the transaction so it will need to expressly provide that you have authority to execute documents pertaining to the purchase or sale of the property in question.  We will also need the original (not a copy).  If you are using a power of attorney, be sure to contact our office beforehand.  We have sample POAs available for download on this site.

I need to bring money to close on my purchase (or sale). What type of funds do you require?

In order to settle and disburse on a transaction, we must have “good” funds.  If you are bringing less than $5,000.00 to settlement, we will accept a bank or cashier’s check drawn off a national or local bank on the day of settlement.  Otherwise, you will need to wire us your settlement funds.  Wire instructions will be provided to our clients upon request.   Please make sure you arrange with your bank to wire us proceeds before closing.  Although wiring funds may not be the most convenient for you, it helps us significantly reduce the risk of fraud.

When will I know how much money I will need to bring to settlement?

If you are taking out a residential loan, your loan officer must provide you with a copy of your Closing Disclosure three days before settlement.  Although there are times when your final numbers may change, you should have a good idea of our settlement numbers at least three days before you close.  We are not allowed to disclose the Closing Disclosure to borrowers, so you will need to obtain this document from your lender.  We strive to provide sellers with their final numbers at least three days before settlement.

I have more questions. What do I do?

Call us at (301) 444-4664.