Our People

Bruce L. Stern, Esq.

Bruce Stern is the principal of Peninsula Settlements.  He is a graduate of UCLA and Boston University School of Law.  He is licensed to conduct settlements in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.  


Yvonne Coviello

Yvonne Coviello manages all pre-closing operations for the company.  Yvonne has ten years of experience as a real estate agent in Maryland.  She understands the business from the perspective of both buyers and sellers.  Yvonne is committed to providing outstanding customer service in order to facilitate a smooth and seamless settlement for all parties. 


Wendy W.

Wendy manages post-closing operations and scheduling for the company.  The go-to person for questions, Wendy makes sure that all client inquiries are handled properly and addressed in a timely manner.  Outside the office, Wendy enjoys hiking, biking, and pilates.



Peninsula Settlements is licensed to conduct closings in Maryland, the District of Columbia and Virginia.  


Frequently, a party to a closing will be out of state and cannot attend settlement.  This is not an issue for us as we use a nationwide network of notaries who can go to the office or residence of that party and have them sign their documents wherever they may be. 


Call our office today at (301) 444-4664.  We are here to help you and look forward to speaking with you.

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